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Brianna Noelle Diogostine


✿ pale blog following back similar ✿

Because I’m crazy

Met my idol…well sort of;) this was during springbreak

throw back Thursday when I was 10

I was in the sound of music my 7th production I had ever done maybe 6th I don’t know? My part was Brigitta. I Remember auditioning for a role with less lines and I ended up getting an even better one (which was Brigitta of course) oh and I’m the one on the far left…singing

my new puppy

ewww….my choir picture. I hope this year’s is better

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Saw the staged production of Jersey Boys before I saw the movie
I highly recommend seeing the play first


listens to this for ten hours straight




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this was actually so good


I follow back everyone!

Hi, I'm Brianna (people call me Bree)
I take pictures, i act and sing, love musicals and choir....that's pretty much it
More about my self:
Born and raised Southern California girl ,I'm 15, I'm a in coming Sophmore 
Twittwer: @brianna_dio

"Plus which you’re Italian. You gotta end in a vowel. Delgad-O. Castellucci-O. Pizz-A. Vall-ee with an I. It says, “This is who I am. You don’t like it, you can go fuck yourself."" Well you can guess my ethnicity from looking at my last name ;D

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